Princess Pea Creations

Princess Pea Creations makes custom infant, children and mother items.

Most of our items are customizable.  If you don't see a fabric you like just ask.

Any questions just email us at

Nursing Covers

My nursing covers are made of light weight material and are 36" by 26".  They have an adjustable neck strap and have a peek a boo feature so that you can see your baby while still having your hands free.  They are availible in many designs and colors just ask and I will find the right fit for you.


Colors available immedately

Nursing covers available immediately

Brown and Blue Flowered Nursing Cover

Silver Nursing Cover

Baby Leg Warmers


These are a fun addition to any wardrobe.  They go great under skirts and dresses or with onesies and make diaper changes a breeze.  They come in boys or girls style or a fun character or animal theme.



$20 for a set of 3 boy or girl theme 
$8 for 1 animal or character theme

Types of leg warmers

Binkie (pacifier) Clips

Binkie Clips are great so you don't loose or drop a binkie while out or at home.  They have a strong metal clip on one end to attach to the child's clothing, car seat or infant carrier and a snap on the other to attach the binkie.  They are cute and you can get a variety so they match any outfit or are festive for any holiday. 

Color and Style Options
Bulk Discout

Hair Clips

These clips are strong to hold up a good amout of hair.  They are great to keep bangs that are growing out off of a child's eyes.  They are about two inches in length each and come in sets of two.  They are cute and you can get a variety so they match any outfit or are festive for any holiday. 

Color and Style Options
Bulk Discout

Small Backpack

These backpacks come in a small or med size.  These are great for trips out they can hold a sippy cup and a few small toys or a small blankie and binkie.  This fits a child up to three it has two straps that snich up the top hole when pulled tight.    You can customize this with any style fabric you would like and with pockets if you would like as well.

Backpacks are $10

Buisness Card Holder

This holder is great to protect your buisness cards in either your purse or diaper bag.  It can be made of cordinating fabrics when purchase with something else.

Buisness Card Holder $5

Mini Purse with long strap


This purse is the same size as the diaper case but with a strap, you can add pockets and key tags if you would like.  This is great to just the nessities when you don't want a big bag or when you want your stuff seperate from the diaper bag.


Mini purse with long strap $12

Diaper and Wipes Holder



This holds one travel wipes case and between 2-4 diapers depending on size.  



Diaper and Wipes holder is $7

Sunglass Case


This bag is just big enough for sunglasses it can be made of cordinating fabrics when purchased with a purse or diaper case.


Sunglass Case $5

Fleece soaker diaper cover

This soaker is great at home and will keep the wetness in the diaper and off your carpet or furniture!  Avalible in any colors and in newborn, small, med, large and ex-large.

Fleece Soakers are only $5 each

Flannel pocket diaper

This is a flannel pocket diaper and is only the diaper.  It does not include the insert or cover.  It can be made of most any color or pattern you wish.  It is one size fits most and is held on with one or two pins depending on the size of the child.  There is elastic on the legs to give it a good fit.

Flannel Pocket Diapers are $7 each

This is what the pocket diaper looks like on a twenty pound child.  On a smaller child you fold up the front to make the diaper smaller.


1-3 items is $6
4-10 items is $11
11-15 items is $14


Pockets  $2 each
Personalization $1

Disney Prints $3

Please click button once for each customization added (ie if you want two pockets click twice)

To contact us:

Please email Princess Pea Creations with names for personalization and location of pockets when you have placed an order so that we may contact you to confirm any customization.